The Next Successful Step…

Executive Outplacement is a specialized career consulting service of TALENT & MORE providing professional guidance, coaching and support to departing executives and helping them to take the next successful step in their careers.
Employment termination is always difficult and potentially painful not only for the executive losing the job, but also for the supervising leader who has to make and communicate the unpleasant decision, the human resources team administering the termination process and the rest who question their own job security. Our Executive Outplacement programs are set up to help departing executives to cope with emotional impact, accept the situation, develop self-marketing and job search skills and focus on new career opportunities.

The ultimate goal of every Executive Outplacement program is to maximize the chances of identifying and winning the most desirable positions available on the market.

Our Executive Outplacement process includes five steps.



This the first meeting, which ideally takes place before the employment termination date.
Individual expectations, needs and preferences are discussed. Program process and timeline is agreed upon and content of next meetings is presented.



Application of our unique in-depth assessment tool Harrison Assessments before the second meeting allows objective and thorough analysis of strengths, individual potential and also development needs in the area of self-presentation skills to be improved or tactically hidden. We focus on career review and identification of individual assets, marketable skills, suitable work environmentsand analysis of motivation factors. We also focus on identification of hidden potential which can be relevant to various career alternatives.



This meeting includes in depth discussion about the preferred career opportunities which represent continuity and career options. Various career scenarios are transferred into short-term and long-term career plans and into a search strategy defining an action plan that includes targeting potential employers, positions, an approach to job search.
Step-by-step guidance in the development of professional and competitive self-marketing tools including CV, references and self-marketing cover letters tailored to the position sought.
We provide executives with updated overview information on potential job opportunities postings, a list of relevant job servers, and employers’ and head-hunters’ web sites. The participants can combine these options with their personal networking and the resulting carefully targeted list can be used for direct mailing and personal approaches.



This phase is focused on the development of the ability to adapt individual self-presentation to different industry segments, corporate environments and position requirements. Focused training and coaching are aimed at improvement of interview self-presentation, image and communicationskills. We support executives in preparation for different forms of the interview including various presentations and strategies. Our in-depth assessment experience helps participants in how to effectively present their key achievements and competencies. A strategy to sell their transferable skills is elaborated.



During the whole transition period we provide departing executives with continuous support in reviewing job offers in the context of agreed short-term and long-term career plans, help in tailored preparation for each interview and relevant information and contacts.