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The Best Possible Talent – Nothing Less…

International Recruitment and Executive Search represents core business in our integrated portfolio of services. The ultimate goal of every one of our Executive Search assignments is to identify, assess, attract and help retain for the long time the most suitable candidates from every potentially available source on the market, including hard-to-find candidates and those not actively seeking a new job. The whole Executive Search process is conducted with a high degree of confidentiality in close partnership with our clients.

In order to achieve the highest quality results possible, our Executive Search process includes six main phases. Each phase is carried out with discretion, sensitivity and using the full resources available.



We begin to work directly and closely with you to understand the needs and challenges unique to your organization. During this phase we evaluate the position (role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges) and define ideal candidate profile (knowledge, experience, skills and personality).



Our primary approach is always direct and targeted search. We directly focus into companies and related sector to be able to develop an exhaustive list of prospects best qualified for the role. Following the identification of the long list, we initiate short-listing. This commences with initial telephone interviews which assess prospective candidate’s suitability for and interest in the position. Once this has been confirmed, we carryout in-depth one to one interviews. The interview format is a combination of different approaches to assess the candidate’s personality and communication skills, as well as competencies, including psychometric testing.



We develop short list of the most qualified candidates with a detailed assessment report. This report contains information on the candidates’ personal, behavioral, academic and professional profiles, including a rationale in which we explain why the candidate should be considered for the role. Following our reviews and meetings with our clients, we initiate the interview process which is always supported thorough and confidential reference checking.



After the selection, TALENT & MORE supports client in the preparation and presentation of the offer to the successful candidate. This is then followed by discussions with both the client and the candidate.



Our work does not end with the successful hire. We work in partnership with our client and candidate to identify integration needs and plan the successful integration of the candidate into their new organization. We meet with client and candidate at regular intervals to follow up the integration process: placement’s fit with the culture, the position, the team and the organization.



We are committed to feedback and improving ourselves. After every placement we carry out in-depth reviews with our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction and promote a culture of continuous improvement.