Nosce te Ipsum “Know Thyself”

Career Coaching and Consultation Services provides a structured program tailored to your unique career aspirations. We offer three individual coaching sessionsand together identify your interests, personality and values and work towards achieving a more satisfying career path for you as well bring self-confidence and the tips you need during your next job interviews.
Career coaching and consultation services with TALENT &MORE is not just about landing you a new job, but it is more about discovering what you exactly need to be truly successful and contribute to your existing or future organization.
Our package includes three parts of Coaching/Consultation sessions, each takes approximately 90 minutes.


“Know Thyself ”

The first part starts with an award winning online assessment, which takes about 25-30-minutes to complete andwill be sent to you in advance to fill in within the comfort of your own home or work.
The Harrison Assessments measures a wide range of key aspects that would otherwise be necessary to assess within several hours by different methods including your interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction.

SmartQuestionnaire® is really “smart” and in less than 25 minutes measures 175 factors that influence success in business and career. It is an award-winning instrument which is based on 30 years of experience and its quality is demonstrated in more than 2 500 000 delivered assessments.

A hard copy of the report will be prepared for you and you will receive a tailored coaching session based on your detailed assessment report .


“Position Yourself Within Your Field”

Within part 2 we will prepare application documents, which are up-to-date and market-driven for personal campaign, by taking into consideration of content, structure and layout including your Linked-in profile.We will also deal with sensitive issues and critical points in your CV.


“Personal Marketing and Interview Preparation”

In this final session we will focus onthe necessary tips for the preparation for a job interview and the behavior during and after the job interview. We will practice role playing and active consulting in a mock interview concerning regular questions and behavioral questions (competency based).


“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” 

A person can achieve self awareness, growth and transformation in a variety of ways like coaching, therapy, psychology, mentorship, etc. These are all valid ways to grow as an individual.
But what makes coaching unique, is that the focus is on empowering clients to move forward by using a combination of motivational, logical, emotional and strategic support. We do not use a “one size fits all” method because each client is unique and requires a personalized plan based on what topic it is they are seeking growth and transformation about.
Our passion is to boost our clients’ confidence by helping them identify their potential, and create a plan and execute the steps needed to achieve what they want in life!
Coaching is valuable for someone who is just beginning self exploration in regard to finding who they are and what they want, to fulfilled and successful professionals who need a fresh perspective. Personal coaching clients are a variety of individuals, from all stages of life and various backgrounds.
Coaches are a valuable resource for anyone who is looking for transformation, growth, and a plan for achieving the success and fulfillment in life they seek.
Naturally all people will experience evolution at different speeds. The goal is to define your needs and organically your personal growth process will unfold, as we take actionable steps to get you to where you want to be.


We work with clients via phone, zoom and messaging sessions. These mediums of communication enable us to conveniently work together in any physical setting possible on a national or global level.
We have single packages and packages of 5 and 10 sessions. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes.